Homophones Make Life Harder

I realize they're an established company, leaders in the industry and all that, but I think that Shure should change their name.  For my convenience.

Let me explain.  If someone asks me, "Hey Steve, you're an outrageously handsome and successful photographer, what have you been shooting?" and I say, "Thank you for noticing, I shot a thing for Shure this week." I find myself searching their eyes for a spark of recognition.  But the spark I find there isn't usually recognition, but appreciation.  I imagine their inner monologue going something like this, "Wow, Steve is really certain that he shot a thing.  Unshakably so.  I wish I believed in something with such fervency."  The spark fades.  I say, "No, Shure, s-H-u-r-e.  You know, the company, they make sweet microphones and headphones and stuff."  "Oohhhhhhhh.  Got it.  Cool!"

Maybe a different homophone.  "I shot for Takos this week!"  That's a positive situation no matter how you take it.

Anyway, I'm sure I shot a thing for Shure.  And it is cool!  They are presently using the result as the profile image for all of their social media accounts.  Thanks to the team at MiresBall for going to the trouble of machining this sucker, and asking me to shoot it!

If you thought the title of this post said something about homophobes, raise your hand.  That's what I thought.