My Dad is Better Than Your Dad

That is to say, my Dad is awesome.  I don't know your Dad.  He's probably pretty cool too.  

I love my Dad.  I learned everything I know about being a man from him.  Hard work, responsibility, and respect, and love as the driving force of all those things.  And he never failed to let me know that he thinks that I'm awesome too.  For a young man walking a different path than he did, that's pretty huge.

I took the pictures below on our annual fishing trip a few years ago.  This one to Alaska.  The first is my favorite picture of him.  I like that he's not looking at the camera.  His eyes are down the river, looking confidently at the future.  He's strolling casually because this rocky river on the grizzly bear infested Kenai Peninsula is exactly where he belongs.

My Dad, john Simar

Since it's illegal for my Dad to kill a grizzly bear in Alaska with his bare hands out of season, I can't confirm or deny what may or may not have happened to the bear in the picture below.


I love you Dad.  Happy Father's Day.