No, I Do Not Like to Make Babies Cry

Why the crying baby?  So glad you asked.  Here's the story.  

We needed a shot of me for the website, and, happily enough, a little downtime presented itself during a recent shoot.  Kevin took a good 40 or 50 shots of me standing there in my clothes consciously trying not to look self-conscious.  They were nice and all, but a little bit too.. I don't know... normal.  

Then Burd showed up with his daughter in her pretty pink jammies, and said, "Hey, you should hold the baby."  We shot a whole series of me pretending to scold someone off set while holding the happy baby.  They were hilarious.  Ricki is a very happy baby who likes to stick her tongue out at the camera.  After a while she lost patience with the whole scene.  In the moment I thought it would be funny to display the opposite emotion.  It was our last frame with the baby, and it turned out to be the winner because...

Upon review, while the others were funny, Ricki was simply TOO cute in all of them.  I don't mean that in the same way a new grandmother means it.  I mean that her cuteness was overpowering.  I mean, just look at that face..

I can't be expected to compete with that.  And I won't.  Not on MY website, sister.