File Under: Things I Like

Thing 1: I like the problem solving aspect of product photography.

I only had one Pixel C to work with. To get a realistic interaction between the two (shadows on the back one, reflections on the front) I cut and floated a grey card out there as a stand in for the opposite tablet for each shot. (By “floated” I mean taped to a piece of armature wire and boomed in from the side (by “boomed” I mean attached to a horizontally levered c-stand arm (by side I mean…)))

Shadows on a textured aluminum surface have sparkle to them, so if you just dropped a fake one on there in post it would look flat and wrong. And sales would plummet.

Thing 2: I like capturing all the right parts the first time around.

Thanks for reading this, mom.

Uncle Steve To The Rescue

This might be my favorite post so far from the Insta feed. Not your average selfie. Featuring J-Pop and T-Nuggs.

My best friends had their third baby. So I flew down from wherever I was to help out for a few days. And no, that's not supposed to be the baby in the carry thing. T-Nuggs refused to get in it. And she was right, this is funnier.


Belated: The World Tour

So I live in a van now. Sometimes, it's down by a river.

I don't know how long I'll be out here, or exactly where I'll be, but go ahead and follow the Instagram feed if you'd like to see what's happening.

Below is my underwhelming gear pile. I honestly thought it was going to look a lot more impressive. There's an iMac, a laptop, one canon, one film camera, two tripods, six hard drives, three heads, five modifiers, four light stands, a wetsuit, fly fishing gear, ski boots, a paraglider, and some eggs.

There are airplanes almost everywhere! So if you have a project and you need someone to make you look good, give me a shout.

Prestige Worldwide

So I've been shooting for Google lately.  Did I tell you about that?  You may have heard they just released their very own intelligent, cordless, touchable telephone, the Pixel!  No, they didn't give me one.

The release blasted out last week and there are displays like the one you see below in fine boutiques the world over.  They look pretty amazing.  I shot these with the new Phase system.  If you see one in the wild, get up close and have a look at what a 100 megapixel capture back can do.

For Fun

And the next White Stripes Album.  Or at least a poster.  Seriously.  Who's it gonna hurt?

A Uni-Segway!

As a connoisseur of all fine magical rolling wheel thingies, I couldn't let this guy whoosh by unmolested*.  Thank you Los Angeles.

*no one was actually molested in the making of this video

Holy Crap That Was Fun!

Just completed a week long portfolio shooting extravaganza and I couldn't be more stoked.  No joke, Friday morning, after five 16 hour days and with one long shooting day ahead, I woke up 2 hours before my alarm because I was so freakin' excited about the images we made.

I say "we" because I had help from an army of outrageously awesome individuals.  Without whom none of it would have been possible.  Okay I could have done a couple of the macros, but THE REST would have been impossible.

Can't wait to show you.

Huge thanks to (in order of appearance): Penelope, Burddogz, Kevin, Kylie, Natalie, Hanna, Richard, Austin, Liliburd, Beefcake, Abigail, Peery, Ashley, Zeani, Jess, Angelica, Laila, and the other guy.  Thanks to everybody else who didn't get in front of the light machine for taking time to be part of the show.  Manju Bhatt!  Special thanks also to Heather Smith for all her help wrangling models for us!

Getting into CA

Winning a contest isn't the only way.  Although we'll be doing that too.  In what.. 6 months.  It's a lock.  Keep your eyes out.

Thanks to Mires and Sallie for this round.

Another One

This was pretty radical.  It was a little weird that they made me wear an Elvis wig while shooting this.  Connecting with the product emotionally I guess.

Watch This

Self portrait product photography is about to blow up.  It's the obvious next step.

If you don't want my face behind your product, don't call me.  I refuse to be shackled by your ignorance.